11-year-old Indian boy flattens his body to clear a limbo stick on roller skates

Photo: Philippe Lopez/Getty Images

Not your average limbo contest

India's Rohan Ajit Kokane, 11, flattens his body while wearing roller skates on July 25 to clear a limbo stick that is just 6.75 inches above the ground during a performance at a shopping mall in Hong Kong.

In February 2011, Kokane broke the world record for limbo skating under cars by traveling a distance of 126 feet and 11 inches under 20 cars at the Juhu Aerodome in Mumbai, India. Limbo skating is also called roller limbo.

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Photo: Limbo roller skater flattens body to fit under 6-inch pole
Rohan Ajit Kokane, 11, is the roller limbo record-holder for the riding the longest distance on roller skates underneath a row of cars.