Hollywood grows infinitely stranger with every passing day. According to Gather Celebs, Jonathan Cheban — "The Spin Crowd" star and co-owner of Command PR — has ordered a junior executive to get collagen lip injections.

Cheban is starring in E!’s new reality show "The Spin Crowd," which revolves around his public relations firm and airs on Sundays at 10:30 p.m. The show’s popularity has seemingly prompted him to require Erika Ledesma, his junior executive, to undergo collagen lip injections — which he paid for.

According to the article, “A source close to the show told the NY Post that Jonathan Cheban had 'order[ed] a smart and savvy new look that befits [Ledesma's] new station.' The new look Cheban was going for involved collagen lip injections.”

Following the procedure, Ledesma resigned but was talked into returning.

Perhaps Cheban thought his long-time pals, Kardashian sisters Kim and Kourtney, present a more suitable Hollywood look. Regardless of motive, the situation reinforces the weirdness — and perhaps self-destructiveness — that is Hollywood.

Reality TV star Jonathan Cheban forces staff to get collagen lip injections
When does Hollywood become a health threat? When an executive makes a member of his staff undergo a cosmetic procedure, he's getting close.