When journalist Greg O'Brien discovers that he has Alzheimer's disease, the impact is deep and broad. Drawing on his skills as a reporter and writer, he explains with heartbreaking eloquence what it is like to watch his life slip away a little at a time.

Alongside the narrative, Harvard scientist Rudy Tanzi explains how Alzheimer's takes over a life, and we can understand some of the scientific underpinnings of this brain disease.

"When I sat down to write my own story, in my book, 'On Pluto: Inside the Mind of Alzheimer’s'," writes O'Brien, "my purpose was to offer a blueprint of strategies, faith, and humor, a day-to-day focus on living with Alzheimer’s, not dying with it — a hope that all is not lost when it appears to be."

While we are learning more and more about early prediction of Alzheimer's and how to prevent it, we must also learn more about living with the disease so we can better sympathize and care for those who face it. And that goes both for those who are diagnosed with the disease and those who love someone who has it.

This film from the "Think Like A Scientist" series from Nautilus Magazine and Days Edge Productions is currently up for a Webby Award.

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Short documentary delves into Alzheimer's disease
An investigative reporter is diagnosed with Alzheimer's, so he does what comes naturally, chronicling its progression and effect on his life.