In a story guaranteed to inspire, or make you feel like a lazy sack of potatoes, a couple in their 60s spent 2013 running around Australia – over 9,700 miles in all.

Janette Murray-Wakelin, 64, and Alan Murray, 68, ran a marathon distance every day of the year, and finished their 365th consecutive marathon on Dec. 31 in Melbourne; but why stop there? On Jan. 1, they ran another 26.2 miles, which they say is a world record for consecutive marathons.

And remarkably – as if running a marathon a day weren’t enough – they did so maintaining a raw vegan diet of nothing more than uncooked, organic fruits and vegetables.

This is what their daily diet looks like, according to their website:

On rising and before a short training run: 10 ounces pure spring water, one banana.
Breakfast and after short run: Green smoothie (fruit, greens & water), five-plus bananas.
Lunch: Either 20-plus mandarins, 10-plus oranges, one melon, one pineapple, five-plus bananas and/or other fruits.
Dinner: Either a large green salad with savory fruits; tomato, cucumber, zucchini, pepper etc. or a large fruit smoothie, or one large fruit such as a melon, papaya, pineapple etc.
Snacks: Any fruit or a freshly squeezed fruit or vegetable juice.
Before a long training run: 20 ounces water, 10-ounce fruit smoothie, two to five bananas.
During a long training run: water, dates.
After a long run: Breakfast plus extra fruit especially bananas.
To anyone scratching their head and wondering, “why?” the answer is simple. “To  inspire and motivate conscious lifestyle choices, to promote kindness and compassion for all living beings and to raise environmental awareness for a sustainable future,” they say.

They've also been raising funds for charities along the way, including animal and human welfare groups.

Next on the agenda? No plans for 2014 have been mentioned; but in the meantime, Wakelin-Murray told Fairfax Media that she was "looking forward to a day off and planned to sleep in, do some gardening and spend time with her grandchildren," yet intends to keep running.

"You don't stop doing something that works," she said, adding she wasn't tired and could "run forever."

Meet the Murrays in the video below:

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