A man urban golfs on top of an abandoned building

Photo: MJohannes Eisele/AFP/Getty Images

Making the most of your surroundings

Urban golfer Sven prepares to hit a ball from the rooftop of a closed brewery on July 16 in Berlin, Germany.

Urban golf, also known as turbo golf or street golf, has found an enthusiastic home in Berlin, where an abundance of closed factories and devastated buildings attract players.

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Golf ball amid asphalt and broken shards of glass

Photo: Johannes Eisele/AFP/Getty Images

Teeing up

A golf ball rests amidst broken glass and cracked pavement before being shot off into the air by urban golfer Eve on July 16 at the site of a closed brewery in Berlin.

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Man urban golfs on top of roof

Photo: Johannes Eisele/AFP/Getty Images

Going the distance

An urban golfer named Lars plays a shot on the roof of a closed brewery on July 16 in Berlin.

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