Some wanted a healthier lifestyle. Some wanted more energy. Many didn’t like the way they looked. Others did it for their children.

The motivations may differ but the people profiled on the following pages have one thing in common: they all have a weight loss success story to share.

One man lost 140 pounds because he couldn’t buy a life insurance policy. Another man dropped 45 pounds because he wanted to win a "biggest loser" contest at his church. One woman shed 60 pounds in one year after she decided to remove processed foods and chemicals from her diet.

What emerges from the stories is the participants' desire to take control of their health before it's too late. They wanted to turn back the clock to the days before they tacked on the extra weight through bad eating habits, poor lifestyle choices and general ignorance of nutrition.

With knowledge in hand, they set a course for a healthier life. But, as one of our subjects noted, these stories are as much about the journey as the destination.

None would say it was easy. For that reason many others will put off taking their first step towards a new life. But, after reading these stories, we're sure you'll feel inspired to start your own journey to a new you. You can thank us later.

Elliott Berlin

Name: Elliot Berlin

Age: 36

Weight lost: 140 pounds

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Carol HawkinsName: Carol Hawkins

Age: 40

Weight lost: 60 pounds

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Shawn GorrellName: Shawn Gorrell

Age: 41

Weight lost: 50 pounds

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Jenny TunickName: Jenny Tunick

Age: 35

Weight lost: 30 pounds

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Marcy SaucedoName: Marcy Saucedo

Age: 56

Weight lost: 75 pounds

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Ryan StewartName: Ryan Stewart

Age: 33

Weight lost: 45 pounds

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Larry HammackName: Larry Hammack

Age: 54

Weight lost: 65 pounds

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Joanna WeintraubName: Joanna Weintraub

Age: 36

Weight lost: 52 pounds

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Weight loss success stories
Meet several people who dropped weight and found a healthier lifestyle.