Many a runway model wannabe has been rejected for measuring just short of the minimum height restriction — but for 14-year-old Elisany Silva, that won't be a problem. The tallest teen in the world towers over other girls her age at an astonishing 6-foot-9, and she hopes to use her height to her advantage.

Lithe and pretty, Silva looks like any other model type when the camera is focused on her face. But pan out and it's clear that the Brazilian teen faces some challenges — her head barely clears the ceiling, and she has to duck to enter doorways.

“I get distracted and hit the wood in the ceiling with my head,” Silva says in a video interview with Brazilian news station SBT.

Silva's unusual height also resulted in her leaving school, as she could no longer safely sit down in the school bus. Her parents have been unable to pay for tests that could determine what is causing her unrestrained growth. Experts believe she may have gigantism, a rare condition associated with overproduction of human growth hormone (HGH).

But Silva's dreams of becoming a model may yet come true. According to The Huffington Post, she will soon make her runway debut at a bridal fashion show in Belem, Brazil.

World's tallest teen wants to be a model
Brazilian teenager Elisany Silva towers over her peers at 6'9”, but she may use her height to her advantage as a runway model.