His message is simple: "Spread love."
Posted by KQED News on Saturday, March 19, 2016

Traffic is the worst. Drivers sit in their cars, tuning the radio (or tweaking playlists) and straining to see past the cars in front of them to determine if there's an accident or just too many cars on the road. More often than not, commuters end up feeling stressed because they're late for a meeting or simply getting to the office.

Javonne Hatfield dances to ease that stress and frustration for commuters in the Bay Area. Hatfield, with a just-large-enough heart in his hand, dances on a covered bridge area that stretches across a busy highway where motorists can see him bust various moves. Through his dancing, Hatfield aims to "make people happy and change people's perspective" while they're (barely) driving to San Francisco.

Bridge dancer brings joy to Bay Area drivers
Javonne Hatfield uses his dancing to 'make people happy' while they're commuting to San Francisco.