To celebrate and mark the occasion of his 65th birthday next year, Billy Crystal decided that some humorous reflection on the milestone was warranted. According to the Hollywood Reporter, book publisher Henry Holt and Co. rewarded such wise thinking with a stunning $4M deal. 


"While I still can remember my life, I thought I should get it down on paper," he said in a statement. "Turning sixty-five is something to celebrate and have fun with but also to write about all the great and tough times that got me here."


"There are 77 million of us baby boomers in the country and this book will speak to them and how we look at the world," he added to the AP.


Crystal says that he plans to have the manuscript (totaling some 300-350 pages) done by November, with a release in time for his birthday on March 14, 2013. It will be edited by Gillian Blake, who said in a statement that "It's not every day you laugh out loud at your desk while reading a book proposal."


On that note, I'll leave you with this humorous scene from one of Crystal's biggest hits "City Slickers," in which he explains to some kids what to expect as they get older. 



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Billy Crystal scores $4M deal for book on aging
Comedian will offer his own humorous take on becoming a senior citizen.