A couple months ago, I wrote about how a grassroots group called L.A. Guerrilla Gardening is mixing rock 'n' roll with urban beautification — through a fun day-long event in which Angelenos planted a bunch of gardens near Metro Red Line stations, with local bands performing while local gardeners worked. That event drew a lot of gardeners, but often it's just a few people who work rather surreptitiously on these surreptitious green projects — since guerrilla gardeners don't ask for permission before planting. They go ahead and beautify first — and apologize later, if necessary.

Apparently, the gardeners have been taking on their quiet task of late with the help of a quiet plug-in Prius, provided by Toyota as part of the company's Toyota Prius Projects. Watch this short video to see the guerrilla gardeners at work!

Wondering why the gardeners are so often working in the rain in so-called sunny Southern California? Well, we've had an extremely wet year this year. Want to lend a hand at these gardening events? Sign up for L.A. Guerrilla Gardening's newsletter, and join the group's Facebook community page to get in on the last-minute requests for help on super-secret projects.

Guerrilla gardening gets electrified
The Los Angeles Guerrilla Gardening group gets around town quietly in a plug-in Prius that carries drought-tolerant plants that will beautify urban spaces.