Kelly Preston is publicly speaking about the death of her son Jett Travolta for the first time, saying she believes there were chemical and environmental factors that may have contributed to his health issues. 


The 16-year-old son of Kelly and actor John Travolta tragically died in 2009 after suffering a seizure and hitting his head on a bathtub. During a Nov. 21 appearance on the show "The Doctors," Preston says Jett was autistic, a condition she believes stemmed from his battle with Kawasaki disease as a child. 


“I strongly believe as a mother, as does my husband, that there are certain contributing factors that lead to autism, and some of it is very much the chemicals in our environment and in our food," she says.


Preston, 50, says her use of antibiotics while breastfeeding, coupled with environmental toxins, likely led to her son's compromised health. She adds that while Jett was on medication for his autism, healthy living instead of prescription drugs was the better regimen. 


"We would try all different things, and I felt when we were able to keep certain things at a bare minimum and do as healthy as possible, he did so much better," she says. "He was coming out of the autism."


Preston and Travolta now lead an organic lifestyle with their two younger children, Benjamin and Ella, and strive to surround themselves with a healthy environment. In "The Doctors" episode, Preston tours the factory of Alternative Laboratories in an effort to empower parents about living a life free of chemicals.


Check out a video clip of her appearance below. 



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Kelly Preston reveals late son's battle with autism
Actress Kelly Preston opens up for the first time about the environmental conditions that may have contributed to her son's health issues and untimely death.