Matt Damon is back to raise awareness for the third-annual World Toilet Day on Nov. 19. The event — the work of the World Toilet Organization — was created to inform and help the more than 2.6 billion people who live without access to proper, clean sanitation.


Damon, 41, is the co-founder of, which seeks to provide clean drinking water and sanitation to people in the developing world. He's a fierce advocate for the cause, traveling to areas in crisis and appearing in countless videos urging donations and support to help make a difference. "This is a challenge worthy of the next global movement," he recently wrote on The Huffington Post last year. "Similar to what was needed to sound the alarm around the fight against HIV/AIDS."


Like in 2011, Damon and his partner Gary White are backing the humorous "Talk Sh*t All Week" twitter campaign. Interested participants can let post a different toilet-related fact to their Twitter feed Nov. 19-24. You can also set up your own "Toilet Day Fundraiser" to help raise cash for clean water projects around the world. 


Check out a new "True or False" YouTube game below starring Damon to see how your fare with your sanitation knowledge:



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Play 'True or False' with Matt Damon
Actor Matt Damon stars in a creative YouTube game to help raise awareness for World Toilet Day on Nov. 19. The event was created to inform and help the more tha