Robots allow kids to attend school virtually

New robot allows medically home-bound students to stay connected with friends and teachers at school.

Jenn Savedge
June 11, 2013, 2 p.m.
Lexi Kinder uses VGo robot to virtually attend school
Lexi Kinder uses VGo robot to virtually attend school. (Screenshot:

Roughly 50 home-bound kids across the country are now using these robots to virtually attend school. At $6,000 for the initial investment plus $1,200 for yearly maintenance, the VGo is a heavy investment for budget-strapped schools. And it's not without glitches. When the robot loses its Internet connection, it shuts down and must be manually moved throughout the school. But glitches aside, for the kids who are lucky enough to use a VGo, the social interaction it provides with classmates and teachers has proved invaluable.  

Do you know of any students who would benefit from a VGo?

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