Sometimes you just have to laugh so that you don't cry.  

That's the idea behind this ebook of cartoons created by Moms Clean Air Force - a national coalition of parents (moms and dads alike) fighting for clean air.  Healthy, fresh, clean air to breathe is something that many of us take for granted, but we truly shouldn't.  Just as our parents fought for clean air forty years ago when the Clean Air Act was first passed, so must we continue to fight to ensure that our own children can actually breathe the air that surrounds them.  

It's a heavy subject.  And one that can certainly bring you down when you spend every day fighting tooth and nail against those that argue that profit is more important than children's health.  So this collection of cartoons is designed to add some levity to the situation.  But as the editors of MCAF share in the book, "Whether we’re laughing or outraged– or, as is usually the case, both– we take our work fighting air pollution seriously. After all, we’re fighting air pollution for love of the world."

Check out the ebook below, and check out Moms Clean Air Force to learn more about the fight for clean air.

Sometimes you just have to laugh at polluters
National eco-organization shares its favorite clean air cartoons from 2012.