Bakers beware: a new study in France has found that flour is the primary cause of work-related asthma in the country, even more so than cleaning agents or dust, or other asthma-inducing particles.

The study looked at 330 cases of work-related asthma and analyzed data provided by respiratory doctors over the past three years, according to Science Daily. The researchers found that flour was the main cause of asthma in these cases, followed closely by cleaning agents, which were responsible for 15 percent of the occupational asthma in France.  

The fact that flour can cause or trigger asthma is not a new one. In fact, it even has a name — baker's asthma. But the data, presented at the European Respiratory Society's International Congress, showed that food industry employees are at a greater risk for the condition than health experts realized.  

Researchers hope this new data will give health experts a better understanding of the prevention methods that would best protect France's workforce from asthma.

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