About this time tomorrow, I'll be in Detroit -- getting off the plane before heading to Dearborn, Michigan, where I'll learn about Ford's new green initiatives at the "Forward with Ford" conference put together by the company. So it seemed only fitting that today I found about other green initiatives happening in Michigan -- showcased in a new film called "Urban Roots."

Produced by Leila Conners and Mathew Schmid, "Urban Roots" shows the growing urban farming movement in Detroit -- where people are finding ways to feed themselves locally and sustainably during economically turbulent times. Watch the trailer for an inspiring preview:

A few screenings are in the works, but you can also buy the 90-minute DVD for $19.95. Or if you think watching the film will inspire you to finally plant your own urban garden, spring for the $30 "Root Level" package that'll get you the DVD, three packs of heirloom seeds, plus the happy knowledge your money went to fund farms in schools.

Urban farming takes root in Detroit
'Urban Roots,' a new documentary by the Producer of 'The 11th Hour' profiles a burgeoning city farming movement in Detroit, Michigan.