The best way to achieve inner peace is to disconnect yourself from all of your gadgets so that you can truly focus on calming your mind, right? Maybe not. What if technology could support your health and help you get grounded and remain mindful? These days, there are lots of apps and high-tech tools that can be used to help you find balance and harmony. Here are a few you might want to try:


Deepak Chopra's Leela (Wii Meditation game): Deepak Chopra is a household name in the meditation world.  In this Wii "game," Chopra lead users through a combination of light physical activity and meditation to help instill a sense of focus and rejuvenation. "Leela'" which means “pastime,” “sport” or “play” in Sanskrit, uses Chakra-based meditation and stillness-in-motion techniques to help "gamers" focus inward and reconnect. (Amazon, $17.99)


Inner Peace Parenting. This monthly magazine is an iPad app that parents can use to tune into their family lives and find worry-free, guilt-free, drama-free solutions to everyday parenting dilemmas. Inner Peace offers videos, how-tos, interviews and articles on everything from housecleaning to helping kids deal with bullies. (iTunes, $2.99/issue)


Stillness Buddy. If you spend a lot of time sitting in front of the computer, you might benefit from the Stillness Buddy, a software application you download to your computer that gives you timed prompts to breathe, stretch, and practice mindfulness. You can even choose from a long list of spiritual guides including the Dalai Lama and Thich Nhat Hanh. (Stillness, about $17.50)


Buddhify. This app offers a lighthearted take on Buddhist mediation. Billed as "urban meditation," Buddhify has meditations for walking, riding the bus, working out and the home, allowing users to tune in and focus on the sounds around them. (Amazon or iTunes, $2.99)


Mindfulness Meditation. For those looking for a more serious guide to meditation, Mindfulness Meditation offers six meditations ranging from five to 40 minutes. The app also includes lots of tips on finding and sticking to the right meditation time, location and position. The voice prompts and sounds are minimal, allowing users ample time to focus and enjoy the silence. (iTunes, Web, $1.99)


f.lux. Health experts recommend that gadget users shut down at least 30 minutes before bedtime to minimize exposure to the glaringly bright screen and allow your body's natural clock to reset for bedtime. But what if you could use your computer to help your body tune into the time for sleep? This app automatically dims the computer screen at a set time to softer golden hues as bedtime approaches to allow users to shut down when they shut down. (, Free for Windows)


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Virtual enlightenment: Using technology to achieve inner peace
Think you need to unplug your gadgets to unplug your mind? Think again. These high-tech tools may just help you on your path to inner peace.