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5 not-so-obvious places that can make you sick

By: Matt Hickman on Dec. 5, 2011, 8:28 a.m.
Produce section of a grocery store

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Grocery store

When most shoppers enter grocery stores, they enter the "supermarket zone" where nothing else matters but getting in, getting out and saving a few bucks in the process. If any thought is given to picking up something nasty, it’s given to the food — particularly fresh fruits and veggies, meats and dairy — itself. However, don’t forget the shopping cart handles. According to a University of Arizona study, 72 percent of 85 shopping cart handles sampled in four states tested positive for fecal bacteria in a greater amount than most public bathrooms. Additionally, E. coli was detected on half of 36 shopping cart handle samples. Lovely. The next time you do your food shopping, don’t forget your list, your coupons … and your antibacterial wipes if your local supermarket doesn't already provide them.