Dealing with a cancer diagnosis is difficult enough without worrying about keeping your house clean. That's why Cleaning for a Reason, a nonprofit organization founded by the owner of a maid service, offers free cleaning to women fighting this battle. The Cleaning for a Reason Foundation has partnered with more than 1,000 maid services across the United States and Canada to clean the homes of women 13,000 women.

In this video, Debbie Sardone, Cleaning for a Reason founder and president, discusses how the organization makes a difference in the lives of women diagnosed with cancer. Sardone has donated services for years through her own company, and she suggested the idea to other cleaning business owners at a conference. Eager to help, many of the owners came together with Sardone to form the nonprofit. 

Any woman who has cancer can apply for the services. Once matched with a participating company in her area, she'll receive a free house cleaning once a month for four months. Since its founding in 2006, the value of the services donated by the organization totals more than $3.6 million.

Zep Commercial recognized the importance of the mission of Cleaning for a Reason and became an exclusive professional cleaning products sponsor. In addition to free cleaning products, they provide funding and opportunities for training and education to professional cleaners around the country.


Debbie: Cleaning For A Reason is the non-profit for the house cleaning industry. And what we do is we recruit maid services to give away free house cleaning services to women who are battling cancer.

Our mission is simple. Any woman battling any type of cancer can apply for service. And if there's a participating maid service in her area, we will match them and they will clean for her once a month for four straight months.

I own a cleaning service, as well. And it started as an internal company policy in my own company. We helped women with cancer for many, many years. And a lot of people didn't know about it. I shared this company policy with a room full of maid service owners when I was speaking at a conference. And I was amazed at how many cleaning business owners said they would love to do that in their community. And they just needed some guidance.

That's when I realized we could do this as an industry if we pulled together and started a non-profit. So, that's when Cleaning For A Reason was born.

Lynn: We currently have over a thousand partner maid service throughout the United States and Canada. And those maid services have cleaned for over 13,000 women with a value of over $3.6 million, which is absolutely incredible.

Debbie: It's really important to have a clean home, especially when your immune system is compromised. And it's also important for cancer patients not to be working directly with cleaning chemicals and products. And so, when she can leave that to the professionals, she can relax and focus on her health.

Deb: Cleaning For A Reason really did make a difference because there's nothing better. I think we can all identify with walking into a clean house. It took pressure not only off me, but also off my husband, the caregiver.

Debbie: Zep has generously provided funding for our organization as well as cleaning products and opportunities for training and education for pro cleaners around the country.

We are so excited about Zep commercials sponsoring Cleaning For A Reason. They care about women, and they want to help us see that more women who are battling cancer get their homes cleaned for free.

We really do take our mission seriously. And the cleaning services involved take the mission seriously as well as our sponsors. So, we're not just talking about cleaning for women and making their life easier. We're doing it every single day.

Cleaning for a Reason: Maid services donate time to help cancer patients
Nonprofit keeps cancer patients' homes clean at no charge with financial support and cleaning products donated by Zep Commercial