Greasy messes require serious cleaning power, but hand soap products don't have to be filled with hazardous substances to be effective. Zep offers a product called Shellshock in its new line of GreenLink sustainable solutions for hand care. The primary ingredients in this industrial hand cleaner include soy solvents and abrasive walnut shells to clean stubborn grime and grease while softening the skin.

In this video, Greg Hill of Zep Sales & Service demonstrates how Shellshock hand cleaner can wash away the toughest industrial grease, using powerful natural ingredients that are biodegradable and renewable.

Another Zep product called ML Lubricant, a grease used to lubricate heavy-duty industrial equipment and machinery, is spread onto the hands. Shellshock, which comes in a convenient hands-free pump, is worked into the skin, dissolving the grease within seconds. 

Shellshock is free of petroleum solvents, which helps conserve non-renewable resources. In addition to grease, it removes tar, resins, paints, adhesives, carbon, asphalt and inks, making it an ideal choice for manufacturing plants, automotive facilities, print shops, warehouses and other industrial settings.

"At Zep, we've found that well-formulated green products really do work,” says Hill. “And Shellshock is a shining example of that."

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Natural cleaning power of soybeans and walnut shells gets even the greasiest hands clean
Zep Shellshock cleaner is made of gentle ingredients — but it really works.