Fleas are an annoyance when they're causing discomfort to your pets, but when they start to take over your home, breeding in your carpets and furniture, they can become a serious problem that's difficult to tackle. These tiny insects hitch a ride on your pets and start laying thousands of eggs in tiny crevices like the cracks between floorboards. Unfortunately, the adult fleas you can spot hopping around are just the tip of the iceberg. Beating them once and for all requires a three-pronged attack that includes cleaning and treating your animals, your home and your yard.

In this video presented by Enforcer Flea & Tick products, you'll learn how to eliminate all life stages of this common pet parasite with the most effective weapons of all: knowledge, and the right flea control methods.

Understanding the flea life cycle is a key component to winning the war against these tiny invaders. The adult insects you can see represent just 5 percent of the total infestation, while the other 95 percent exist as eggs, larvae and pupae growing in your home and yard. The flea life cycle, from egg to egg, can last as little as two weeks, or as long as eight months. Undisturbed eggs can hatch months after the last adult fleas are seen.

To get rid of them, you must first treat your pet using a high-quality flea and tick shampoo and spray. Bathe your pets and go over their fur carefully with a flea comb, discarding the fleas in a container of soapy water. 

The next step is to clean and vacuum your home thoroughly to oust fleas from their hiding places, being sure to immediately dispose of vacuum bags. The third step, which many people neglect to take, is critical: treating your yard. Use a product specially formulated to kill fleas and larvae outdoors to keep pets from becoming re-infested when they go outside.

With these three simple steps, you'll be on your way to happier, healthier pets.

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Win the war against fleas with a 3-pronged attack for pets, home and yard
Treating pets for fleas can't fight these parasitic nuisances alone. Here's how to eliminate an infestation.