Bloodthirsty creepy-crawlies lurk in the dark like tiny vampires, ready to sink their fangs into your skin while you sleep. They can infiltrate even the cleanest of houses, hiding behind headboards, beneath nightstands, in mattresses and even under wallpaper. These uninvited guests are Cimex lectularius, better known as bed bugs, and they're tough to get rid of.

Nearly one-third of us would rather undergo a root canal than have bed bugs in our houses, and it's not hard to see why. Tenacious pests that resist most efforts to eradicate them, bed bugs leave behind itchy bites that can sometimes cause serious reactions — not to mention the stress that goes along with playing an unwilling host to their rapidly multiplying colonies.

How do bed bugs get into your house, and what can you do about it? Watch this video, brought to you by Enforcer Bed Bug Spray, to learn the tell-tale signs of an infestation as well as the most effective strategy for eliminating them.

You want scary? Let's talk about bed bugs [video]
Lurking in the dark while you sleep, bed bugs are far scarier than any monster. Learn how to spot them and how to kick them out of your home.