For many, the holiday season means more entertaining at home, more housing of out-of-town guests, more decorating and gift wrapping and, therefore, more cleaning. It is easier than ever to use green cleaning products in all rooms of your home or office and for just about every surface, especially as several brands known for their environmentally-friendly offerings introduce new products in time for this season of cleaning:


Seventh Generation Automatic Dishwasher Gel

Details: A popular brand among environmentally aware consumers, Seventh Generation has several kitchen and multipurpose cleaning formulas in a variety of scents, as well as this “free and clear” unscented product.


What’s New: The new bottle is made from 90 percent consumer recycled plastic. The new formula contains enzymes as an added cleaner, and the gel itself is biodegradable, which, according to the Seventh Generation website, means the gel will “rapidly decompose into simple, non-toxic substances in 28 days or less.”


Where to Buy: On the company’s website, as well as several national and regional retailers including Target, Publix and Safeway. Many independent and small-chain health food stores also carry Seventh Generation.


Begley’s Earth Responsible Products Dish Soap/Begley’s Cooktop Cleaner

Details: Actor, author and environmental activist Ed Begley Jr., along with Lab Clean LLC., has created a line of non-toxic green products including household cleaners, and pet stain and odor removers.


What’s New: Dish soaps are free of chemicals including paraben and phlatates, and come in four scents made with natural ingredients including mint and citrus. Bottle also is recyclable.


Where to Buy: Nationwide, products can be purchased from the company’s website,


method “for the season” holiday and limited edition “Designed for Good” hand soaps

Details: This popular brand of eco-friendly, natural cleaning and bath products has created new products specifically for the holiday season.


What’s New: Until the end of January, method is featuring gel and foam hand soaps in baked apple, toasted vanilla bean and winter oak fragrances.  The limited edition “Designed for Good” hand soaps come in colorful bottles that, like all method bottles, are made with 100 percent post-consumer recycled plastic. New fragrances will be released periodically.


Where to Buy: Target stores nationwide, and soon, online at the company website.


Mrs. Meyers Clean Day seasonal scented cleaners

Details: Named for an Iowa mother of nine, this Minneapolis, Minn.-based company is known for its retro-looking packaging, aromatherapeutic-scented cleaning products and candles, its stance against animal testing, and its packaging made from post-consumer recycled materials.


What’s New: The company has created a variety gift set that includes different scents and products such as geranium surface scrub, lavender bathroom cleaner and honeysuckle hand soap, all wrapped in a bow. You also can purchase gift sets featuring one Mrs. Meyers Clean Day signature scent, such as basil, lavender or lemon. The company has issued seasonal scents for products including all-purpose cleaner and hand soap in gingerbread, orange clove and Iowa pine. 


Where to Buy: National and regional retailers including Walmart, Giant and Kroger, as well as some national hardware stores and local boutiques.


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Green cleaning supplies: The latest offerings
For many, the holiday season means more entertaining at home, more housing of out-of-town guests, more decorating and gift wrapping and, therefore, more cleanin