SCIENCE FRICTION: CNN has announced it will eliminate its seven-person science and technology unit, including longtime reporter Miles O'Brien. Andrew Revkin at Dot Earth writes that this is symptomatic of the long-suffering science journalism field. And, as The Columbia Journalism Review points out, this comes at a time that seems to call for expanding science journalism. (Sources: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Dot Earth, CJR)

CLIMATE CHANGE PURSE: The United Nations said today at the climate talks in Poznan, Poland, that developed nations will need to pitch in $130 billion to poorer nations to combat global warming over the next two decades. That's more than six times the currently available $21 billion. (Source: AP via The San Francisco Chronicle)

EMISSION IMPOSSIBLE: A solar-powered, emissions-free car rolled up in Poznan today after being driven 32,000 miles around the world, spanning 17 months and 38 countries. Its arrival at the U.N. climate talks was planned to highlight how practical alternative transportation fuels already are. (Source: AP via MSNBC)

AMENDING LENDING: The Wall Street Journal looks at how HSBC and Bank of America are greening their lending practices; HSBC is breaking ties with some forestry-industry clients in Asia while BoA has already tightened lending for new coal-fired power plants and is now considering doing the same for coal mining. Banks obviously still put the other kind of green first, though -- BoA also announced $1 million in funding for "clean coal" research. (Source: WSJ)

JONATHAN THE TURTLE: The giant tortoise, who lives on a remote South Atlantic island, may be 175 years old, reports The Independent. He may have been 50 in 1882, when he and two others were brought over from Seychelles as ornamental pets. (Source: The Independent)

VAYA VERDE: Mexico City Mayor Marcelo Ebrard, aka "Mexico's Al Gore," has an ambitious plan to transform the city famed for its overpopulation and smog into an environmental oasis with his 15-year Green Plan. It's an unusually farsighted concept for a country often mired in more immediate problems. (Source: GlobalPost via The Huffington Post)

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