MORE ON GORE: After his much-hyped meeting about climate change with the ex-VP in Chicago today, Obama emerged to vow, "The time for delay is over, the time for denial is over." Gore aides and the president-elect both quelled Al-in-the-cabinet rumors, saying Obama was just seeking his advice on environmental and energy issues. (Sources: The Boston Globe, CNN)

PAINT THE TOWN RED? The Christian Science Monitor surveys the cases for and against nationalizing Detroit. (Source: CS Monitor)

GREEN SCHOLAR JOBS: With all the buzz about green jobs, a green-collar economy and a green New Deal, Andrew Revkin worries the role of actual intellectuals and innovators is being downplayed. He makes a case today for focusing on green R and D. (Source: Dot Earth)

GOING VIRAL: CNN reports on how the combination of increased bush-meat hunting in Central Africa and growing population densities is a written invitation to superviruses. "In the past you had smaller human populations; viruses would infect them and go extinct. Viruses actually need population density as fuel," epidemiologist Dr. Nathan Wolfe tells CNN, explaining how we're improving these viruses' fuel efficiency. (Source: CNN)

DEEP IMPACT: Japanese scientists say they have evidence life on Earth was created by an ancient asteroid impact, further inflaming the disputes whether asteroids, underwater volcanoes or lightning strikes gave us ourselves. (Source: USA Today)

ELECTRICAL STORM: It could be our growing interest in climate change or in auto-industry finances, but electric cars are getting hot. Better Place, featured in Wired late this summer in a look-to-the-future piece, is suddenly making concrete progress. The company is now moving into Japan, that nation's Ministry of the Environment announced today, adding to its current client list that includes Israel, Hawaii, Denmark and California. (Sources: WiredCNET News, Reuters)

Russell McLendon ( @russmclendon ) writes about humans and other wildlife.

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