POZNAN: As Day 2 of the U.N. climate summit in Poland kicks off, Oxfam International is urging developing nations to prepare to spend $50 billion a year fighting global warming. (Source: AP)

THE HOLY BAIL: The Big Three are at it again today, a-beggin' and a-pleadin' with Congress a second time to toss them a few billion bones. Each company has returned with a business plan to prove it's working toward becoming economically competitive and developing fuel-efficient vehicles. (Source: Washington Post)

GREEN NEW DEAL: President-elect Obama is mulling a stimulus package that will focus heavily on sustainability and efficiency projects, creating green-collar jobs to combat both fossil-fuel dependence and unemployment. (Source: Bloomberg News)

POWER WALKING: IBM predicts solar-panel sidewalks in five years. (Source: Clean Technica)

SEA POWER: Yale Environment 360 reports on the potential of hydrodynamic energy, or power generated by ocean waves. (Source: Yale Environment 360

FIGHTING FIRE WITH SOLAR: A Pennsylvania fire station follows San Rafael, Calif.'s lead and installs solar panels on its fire trucks, powering the various tools that otherwise require the engine to be left idling. (Source: Gas 2.0)

NO SPIN ZONE: A University of Akron scientist has developed a technique he says can wipe out a hurricane. In his plan, two F-4 jet fighters fly at supersonic speeds in concentric circles around the storm's eye, creating a sonic boom to raise air pressure in the eye and disrupt the upward air flow that drives the hurricane. (Source: New Scientist)

Russell McLendon ( @russmclendon ) writes about humans and other wildlife.

The Morning Briefing: 12/2
Poznan continues; Big 3 try again; Obama mulls green stimulus; solar sidewalks and fire trucks; energy from the ocean; rocking hurricanes