"MORE THAN JUST A CHAT": That's how an anonymous "close friend" of Al Gore describes the former V.P.'s meeting today with Obama and Biden in Chicago. Gore's people have said as recently as last week that he has no interest in returning to government, but Obama maintains he'd welcome Gore in any capacity. The meeting was reportedly scheduled at Gore's request, and comes ahead of Obama's expected announcement this week of his energy and environment team. (Sources: CNN, NYT, CQPolitics)

PROJECT RUNWAY: Activists from Plane Stupid -- the climate-change protest group that stormed the tarmac of Stansted airport near London Monday morning to protest its planned runway addition -- say they'll take on much larger Heathrow next. That airport also has plans to build a third runway. (Source: The Guardian)

WILD GREEN YONDER: A new solar-powered airplane hangar will be unveiled today at Bob Hope Airport in Burbank, Calif., able to not only power its own operations but also planes' electrical systems while mechanics work on them. (Source: L.A. Times)

DIEHARD VAN: The Washington Post profiles energetic author and environmentalist Van Jones, pointing out that now's the perfect time for his "Green Collar Economy" mantra. (Source: WaPo)

ALGAE WHIZ: Algae hold amazing potential as fuel makers, especially considering that all today's fossil fuels are the handiwork of their ancient ancestors. The University of Texas is the hub of algae-power research, and researchers there are trying to make fuel from algae as cheap as $1 a gallon (Source: NYT)

WARMTH WELCOME: Greenland is moving closer to full independence from Denmark, largely motivated by its lust for fossil fuels buried beneath its confounded ice sheets. Thankfully, according to Greenland officials, global warming will soften up that ice and make accessing its oil reserves that much easier. Whew! (Source: AFP)