Here's a selection of noteworthy environmental links folks have recently Dugg:

• Planetsave: "Whalers Refuse Help from Sea Shepherd to Find Man Overboard"

— A man has fallen into frigid Antarctic waters from a Japanese whaling ship, prompting a halt to hunting while its crew looks for his body. Despite the difficulty of such a search, the whalers are refusing help from Sea Shepherd, the anti-whaling activist group that's been famously harassing them, and have even accused the group of interfering with their search. Sea Shepherd is helping anyway, but will soon need to return to shore and refuel. (For more on Sea Shepherd and the whalers, see today's Morning Briefing.)

• EcoWorldly: "Why is Brazil Doubling its Military Protection in the Amazon Rainforest?"

— Brazil's Amazonian troop presence will grow from 17,000 to 30,000 over the next nine years, ostensibly to protect tribal reservations and the border region. But EcoWorldly's Levi Novey suspects the buildup is more about displaying the country's military might than it is about conservation. (For more on unorthodox rainforest protection in Brazil, see today's Morning Briefing.) 

• Planet Green: "How to Spot and Report a Meth Lab"

— Does your neighbor's house smell like cat urine or ether? Notice a ring of dead trees around the house, or neon-stained coffee filters in the trash? If so, your neighbor might be making meth, which creates three to six pounds of toxic waste for every pound of the drug (and, you know, ruins lives). Not only are the houses containing meth labs often rendered unlivable, but the pollution can contaminate nearby water and soil. Planet Green offers tips for spotting and reporting meth labs.

Scientific American: "Top 10 Places Already Affected by Climate Change"

— From the Gulf Coast to Darfur to the Great Barrier Reef, Scientific American lists 10 hot spots already seeing the effects of climate change.

• Flickr [photo]: Polar bear bubbles

— A Flickr user caught this clean shot of a submerged, exhaling polar bear.

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Russell McLendon ( @russmclendon ) writes about humans and other wildlife.

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