Here are the top environmental links folks are Digging today:

• Red, Green and Blue: "UK Seeks to Tap Algae on its Shores for Biofuels"

— The EU and British government are spending £5 million to develop biofuels from marine plant algae in Scotland, potentially avoiding the pitfalls of making biofuels from food crops.

• CleanTechnica: "SeaGen Shatters Tidal Power Generation Record"

— The world's first commercial-scale tidal steam turbine has reached its max generation capacity of 1.2 megawatts for the first time. The previous record was 300 kilowatts in 2004.

The Daily Telegraph [photo gallery]: "Pictures of the year: natural disasters"

— The London newspaper rounds up its top 29 natural disaster photos from 2008.

Popular Mechanics: "Trees to Power Their own Wildfire Sensors"

— An MIT chemistry freshman helped a startup company discover in 2006 that trees generate a slight electric charge, and has now developed a system using that power for small sensors that remotely alert officials of wildfires.

• Science Daily: "Global Warming Impacts On U.S. Coming Sooner Than Expected, Report Predicts"

— Scientists warned this week that "abrupt climate change" could hit the United States swiftly, causing rising sea levels and a permanent drought in the Southwest.

Russell McLendon

Russell McLendon ( @russmclendon ) writes about humans and other wildlife.

The Noon Digg: 12/19
Getting power from algae in Scotland, from underwater windmills in Britain and from trees in Massachusetts. Plus, the top natural disaster photos from 2008.