Here are the top environmental links folks are Digging today:

• [photo]: "Wow, that's a LOT of snow"

— This was in California. I have no further information, but that is a lot of snow.

The Miami Herald: "Newcomer to Keys is unwelcome, uncouth"

— A diver recently spotted a lionfish in the Florida Keys, raising concerns that this invasive "perfect predator" will wreak ecological havoc there as it has in other places it's spread. Native to the Indian and Pacific oceans, the lionfish has painful stingers and has been observed devouring 20 small fish in less than 30 minutes.

New Scientist: "Tequila gives Mexico an environmental hangover"

— One more regrettable decision, thanks to tequila: The Mexican state of Jalisco was granted "geographical indication" for its native liquor in 1974, a distinction intended to protect originating regions' rights to their products' names, like Champagne's champagne. But giving the distinction to Jalisco for tequila has created environmental degradation — since agave takes six years to mature, unsustainable plantations have cropped up throughout the state, pushing out native vegetation.

• Associated Press: "Beekeepers fear sting of imported Australian hives"

— Reeling from bees lost to colony collapse disorder, the United States has been importing Australian honeybees to replenish its stocks. U.S. beekeepers are worried, however, about a smaller, more aggressive species that may have infiltrated some Australian apiaries, and about what effect it might have here.

The Daily Mail: "Heathrow chaos as runway activists stage airport 'flash mob' protest"

— Topless protestors converged on Heathrow Airport this weekend, continuing the ongoing U.K. battle against adding a third runway, which environmentalists argue would add substantially to the country's greenhouse-gas emissions.

Russell McLendon

Russell McLendon ( @russmclendon ) writes about humans and other wildlife.