Here's a selection of noteworthy environmental links folks have recently Dugg:

• CleanTechnica: "Motorola Renew is World's First Carbon Neutral Mobile Phone"

— With a shell made entirely of recycled water bottles, Motorola's new W233 Renew hopes to burrow out a new niche market for "green" cell phones. It's been getting some positive press coverage, including this review by CleanTechnica's Andrew Williams, both for using recycled materials and purchasing carbon offsets to make the phone "carbon neutral." For a differing perspective, see Grist's review of the phone, "Dial L for lame."

• Flickr [photo]: "Electric Sunset New Mexico"

— A New Mexican photographer whose profile says he's "prone to lightning photos, sunset and sunrise photos" combines two of the three in this awe-inspiring shot.

The New York Times: "The World, Grain by Grain"

— Diggers are going with the grain today, highlighting this interactive map that accompanies the Science Times' recent article on a sand-collecting Oregon State coastal oceanographer. View photos of his choicest granules, and click the thumbnails to learn more about each sand's makeup and origins.

• Boing Boing [video]: "Jay Leno's wind turbine"

— Ed Begley Jr. sent Boing Boing this video from Jay Leno's Garage, the comedian's auto-related website, featuring a mag-lev wind turbine called MagWind. Since it uses magnetic levitation, the lack of friction lets wind turn the blades even more easily.

• Gas 2.0: "Build Your Own 'Mr. Fusion' and Power Your Car With Trash. Now, Where Did I Put That Flux Capacitor?"

— Auto blog Gas 2.0 highlights an Instructables guide on how to build a working "Mr. Fusion" — that trash-powered reactor on the back of Doc's DeLorean in Back to the Future. It may not be fuel-efficient enough yet to drive to the future on one tank, but the fact that it works means we're already on our way there.

Russell McLendon

Russell McLendon ( @russmclendon ) writes about humans and other wildlife.