Here are the top environmental stories folks are Digging today:

Fast Company: "Who Cares About the Carbon Cost of a Google Search?"

— Business mag Fast Company puts into perspective the recent tiff over carbon emissions from Google searches. The original story in London's The Times may have sensationalized and exaggerated the actual research a bit, but its overall point — to remind us that even electronic information has a carbon cost — is valid, FC argues. Much like car pollution wasn't a problem until everyone had a car, Web traffic's carbon footprint may become relevant once the Internet saturates cell phones and the Third World.

• The Daily Green: "3 Green Investments with the Best ROI"

— Energy-efficient devices are often touted as money savers, with little hard data to back up the claims. The Daily Green lists three smart buys and quantifies their return on investment over a 10-year period.

City Pages: "Federal bailout for bicycles?"

— Minneapolis alt-weekly City Pages discusses the recent federal bike bailout, which was buried in the bailout of financial institutions.

• "Two-headed fish larvae blamed on farm chemicals in Noosa River"

— As mentioned in today's Morning Briefing, the recent rash of double-headed fish in Australia was likely caused by toxins, which experts also implicate in high rates of birth defects in other animals living near the fish hatchery.

Wired: "Top 10 Animal Photos"

Wired gathers 10 animal photos that didn't make the cut in its reader-judged contest.

Russell McLendon 

Russell McLendon ( @russmclendon ) writes about humans and other wildlife.