Here are the top environmental links folks are Digging today:

Fast Company: "Ten Best Green Jobs for the Next Decade"

— Business mag Fast Company quantifies the political zeitgeist a bit, listing these 10 jobs — such as farmer, forester or conservation biologist — that fit into President Obama's promises of a "green economy." 

• TriplePundit: "Obama's Energy Plan: Data Dismisses Doubters"

— CEOs of electric utilities and oil companies have publicly doubted that the United States can double its production of renewable energy within three years, as Obama has pledged. TriplePundit doubts their motivations and their pessimism.

• [video]: "Friedman Renames Climate Change 'Global Weirding'"

— This video from a September 2008 speech shows New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman explaining why "global warming" would be more accurately called "global weirding," since the weather won't necessarily always get hotter but it, and ecosystems, will be thrown out of whack. Climate Progress' Joseph Romm disputed the phrasing in 2007 after Friedman wrote a column about it, arguing that the climatic and ecological changes are actually the normal results of our weird behavior.

• [photo]: "Snowy Owl Floating"

— Photographer David Hemmings captured this serene shot of a in-flight, mid-flap snowy owl in Northern Quebec; a Digg commenter also posted links to two similar shots by Hemmings, one of an eagle and one of another owl, both apparently swooping for prey.

• Environmental Graffiti [photo gallery]: "The View from the Seven Highest Peaks on Earth"

— These views are actually from the "Seven Summits," or the highest peak on each of the seven continents, since even the top 25 highest peaks on Earth are all located in the Himalayas and Karakoram ranges. 

Russell McLendon

Russell McLendon ( @russmclendon ) writes about humans and other wildlife.