Isle Royale National ParkApril 3, 1904: Iron Eyes Cody is born in Kaplan, Louisiana. A Hollywood bit player who played Native American roles for years, Cody was cast in a 1971 ad where he canoes down a stream.  Polluting factories come into view, as a passing motorist hurls a bag of trash at his Cody’s feet.   A lone tear streams down Cody’s cheek.   But alas, Iron Eyes Cody’s real name was Espera di Corti, and he was a full-blooded Italian.

April 3, 1940: Isle Royale National Park (at right) is established. The pristine, 45-mile long island in the cold, deep waters of Lake Superior, along with 400 smaller islands, becomes one of the first National Parks in the U.S. Midwest.

April 3, 1974: The biggest 24-hour tornado outbreak in history sees 48 twisters claim 315 lives. The college town of Xenia, Ohio is partly destroyed.

April 3, 1996: FBI Agents surround a remote cabin in Lincoln, Montana and arrest Ted Kaczynski, a former college professor charged with three deaths and 23 injuries in a 20-year-long bombing spree. "The Unabomber" had targeted those he thought were harming the environment. Kaczynski is convicted and sentenced to multiple life terms in prison.

Photo: Ben+Sam/Flickr

This feature is compiled by Peter Dykstra, an MNN contributor and publisher of Environmental Health News and The Daily Climate.