Ecuadorean toxic pitsMay 1, 1977: Roughly 2,000 opponents of the Seabrook Nuclear Power Plant in New Hampshire "occupy" its construction site. The next day, police arrest 1,414 of them on trespassing charges. The charges are dropped a few days later; the Seabrook plant is built and goes on line in 1990.

May 1, 2009: The CBS News program "60 Minutes" airs a segment on the legal battle between Chevron/Texaco and Ecuadoreans who say that decades of oil drilling has littered their homeland with hundreds of abandoned toxic waste pits (at right).

May 1, 2010: Radio talkshow host Rush Limbaugh, who has already accused environmentalists of staging the Gulf oil spill, wades in deeper: He suggests to his national audience that "environmentalist wackos" may have blown up the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig as a massive promotional event for the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day on April 22.

May 1, 2012:  The biggest name in natural gas “fracking” gets the boot from the board chairmanship of the company he founded.  Aubrey McClendon, founder of Chesapeake Energy, is revealed to have manipulated company investments in his personal favor, and was the recipient of an undisclosed billion-dollar loan from Chesapeake.

May 1, 2012:  Former Washington Post reporter Steve Coll releases the book “Private Empire.”  It’s an unprecedented look inside Exxon/Mobil, and how the oil giant often functions as if it were a sovereign nation.

Photo: Dolores Ochoa/AP

This feature is compiled by Peter Dykstra, an MNN contributor and publisher of Environmental Health News and The Daily Climate.