EnCap GolfMay 7, 1840:  The second-deadliest tornado in U.S. history strikes the Mississippi River post city of Natchez.   The official death toll is 317, but the actual toll was likely much higher.  African-American slaves’ deaths would not have been added to the total.

May 7, 1953: The Hooker Chemical Company sells its property in the Love Canal neighborhood of Niagara Falls, New York to the city's Board of Education for one dollar. The purchase includes a waiver for any future liability claims on the property, which is used to build a public school and a subdivision with hundreds of houses. Twenty-five years later, disclosures of health and genetic impacts makes Love Canal a symbol of the dangers of toxic waste dumping.

May 7, 2004:  Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney releases the state’s Climate Change Action Plan.  Eight years later as a Presidential candidate, Romney disowns his past actions and says he’s unsure that the climate is changing at all.

May 7, 2008: "The Miracle in the Meadowlands" sleeps with the fishes. After multiple indictments, bank defaults and allegations of organized crime involvement, the New Jersey Meadowlands Commission kills the EnCap project (at right). EnCap promised to build housing, hotel and office space, and two golf courses on heavily-polluted waste sites in the Hackensack Meadowlands, five miles west of Manhattan.

Photo: Leader Newspapers/YouTube

This feature is compiled by Peter Dykstra, an MNN contributor and publisher of Environmental Health News and The Daily Climate.