The ConcordeNov. 26, 1986: The crew of the Starship Enterprise deploy brains, courage and overacting to travel in time in "Star Trek IV:  The Voyage Home." Captain Kirk and crew land in San Francisco to kidnap a humpback whale that saves the future Earth from destruction in the fourth "Star Trek" feature film, which is released on this day.

Nov. 26, 1991: After meetings with the U.S. State Department, Japan agrees to observe a United Nations ban on driftnet fishing in the Pacific. Driftnets are highly destructive fishing gear, indiscriminately catching all available fish species as well as seabirds and marine mammals.  They are often abandoned at sea, snaring marine life for months or even years and taking a huge toll on the marine environment.

Nov. 26, 2003:  The Concorde supersonic plane makes its final passenger flight (at right). The plane offers luxury, a steep ticket price, and a much shorter ride between the U.S. and Europe.  The plane overcame environmental concerns that it damaged the earth’s ozone layer (true) and that its supersonic flights would cause massive bird kills (not true).  After 27 years service and in the wake of a horrific crash, slow business dooms the Concorde.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

This feature is compiled by Peter Dykstra, an MNN contributor and publisher of Environmental Health News and The Daily Climate.