50 CentOct. 10, 1957: The reactor core and uranium fuel rods at Britain’s Windscale reactor catch fire and burn for two days, causing a partial meltdown. High radiation levels are reported as far away as Norway in what is considered to be the worst nuclear accident until Three Mile Island (1979) and Chernobyl (1986). The reactor is a total loss, but the U.K. continues to manufacture nuclear material at the plant, which is re-named Sellafield in the 1980s.

Oct. 10, 1986: A magnitude-7.5 earthquake destroys much of San Salvador, El Salvador’s capital city. An estimated 1,500 die and 8,000 are injured.

Oct. 10, 2010: A South African wildlife protection group calls on the rapper 50 Cent (at right) to adopt a rhino, given what the rapper and the rhino have in common. Phila the rhino survived nine gunshot wounds in poaching attempts this year. Before he left the streets to become a mega-star, 50 Cent was also wounded nine times.

Photo: ZUMA Press

This feature is compiled by Peter Dykstra, an MNN contributor and publisher of Environmental Health News and The Daily Climate.