Killer beeOct. 11, 1975: "Saturday Night Live" unveils the Killer Bees. The recurring skit features a band of invaders from South of the Border, playing off fears that aggressive, Africanized honeybees would overwhelm the U.S. While some "killer bee" infestations have been reported in the last 35 years, and some attacks on humans have happened in the U.S., honeybees have suffered far more from other causes.

Oct. 11, 1995: Sherwood Rowland, Mario Molina and Paul Crutzen are announced as the winners of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for their work in linking the destruction of the Earth’s protective ozone layer to chlorofluorocarbons and other chemicals.

Oct. 11, 2000: The walls of a waste reservoir collapse, releasing 300 million gallons of coal slurry into the Big Sandy River in Kentucky. The operator, Massey Energy, is fined $3.5 million for the spill, which kills millions of fish in the Big Sandy and Ohio rivers.

Photo: motleypixel/Flickr

This feature is compiled by Peter Dykstra, an MNN contributor and publisher of Environmental Health News and The Daily Climate.