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10 companies started by college students

By: Sidney Stevens on April 16, 2015, 1:12 p.m.
College start-up entrepreneurs

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Silicon Valley may be the celebrated hub of innovation, but it's getting a run for the money these days on hundreds of college campuses across the country. Student startups are hot as more young entrepreneurs take their cue from legendary collegiate wunderkinds (like Mark Zuckerberg) by getting their careers started before they even get their degrees.

The range of campus-launched businesses is impressive and diverse. Some students stumble upon winning ideas during class projects or hackathons. Others are jolted into action by dorm-room "Aha!" moments. One desire they share: to create products and services that tackle an urgent need in society.

Check out these college startups that just might be the next big thing — or at least an entrepreneurial step toward a better world. (Text: Sidney Stevens)