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10 companies started by college students

By: Sidney Stevens on April 16, 2015, 1:12 p.m.
Abby Speicher, founder of DARTdrones

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Maybe you're creeped out by the unsettling thought of unmanned drones filling the skies. But for better or worse, they're here to stay, and they could even be a force for good, perhaps helping park rangers scout for wildlife poachers, emergency workers search for survivors, and farmers monitor field health. That's why training people to fly them safely is so crucial. Abby Speicher, an MBA student at Babson College near Boston, along with her business partners (including her dad Chris), are trying to do just that. Their startup, DARTdrones (DART stands for Drone Aviation Resourcing and Technology) is a flight school for first-time operators. It offers online and in-person drone flight training, help with understanding regulations and even drone repairs. Currently, the company is focused on training police and firefighters.