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10 companies started by college students

By: Sidney Stevens on April 16, 2015, 1:12 p.m.
The team behind Limbitless Solutions

Photo: Limbitless Solutions

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Limbitless Solutions

Most kids dream of being a mighty superhero or dazzling fairy princess. But for those with missing limbs, such dreams can be elusive. Albert Manero, an engineering Ph.D. student at University of Central Florida, is using 3-D printing technology to help these kids dream big, too. Manero's company, Limbitless Solutions, run by technology student volunteers, makes low-cost, custom 3D-printed arms and gives them to kids free of charge. No small thing considering regular prosthetic limbs can be astronomically expensive. Two recent recipients are 7-year-old Alex Pring, who was presented with a new "Iron Man"-themed bionic arm by none other than the "Iron Man" star himself, Robert Downey Jr., and 7-year-old Madelyn Rebsamen, who received an ornate purple-and-gold-covered arm inspired by her favorite Disney film, "Tangled."