Recently I attended Walmart’s Sustainability Milestone meeting and shared some of the exciting packaging work we are pursuing at Coca-Cola.  This year, Coca-Cola announced new global commitments renewing our focus on water, energy and packaging.

We are taking a broad approach to reducing our packaging impact that includes thoughtful design of our primary packaging, and consideration of materials used throughout our supply chain.  Coca-Cola aims to improve the sustainability of its packaging platform through a multi-layered strategy.  This includes reducing the material we use in our packaging, improving recyclability, increasing recycled content, increasing packaging recovery rate, and introducing innovations like the PlantBottle™.

Coca-Cola is active on a number of fronts to improve the recyclability of our packaging.  This month, we will begin selling our holiday bottle at Walmart stores which includes a new recycle friendly shrink sleeve label.  This innovative label is compatible with the PET recycling stream and helps ensure these bottles are easily recycled.  We strive to improve the recyclability of our PET containers and are testing other sustainable packaging projects which may be available on the market soon.

Coca-Cola is charting new ground along the value chain.  We are focusing on lower carbon distribution systems such as hybrid trucks, improved refrigeration systems with HFC-free coolers, and packaging innovations throughout the supply chain.  For example, we are using films to deliver our products that are a first of their kind to include recycled content.  We even have a 100 percent recyclable merchandise display rack, the GIVE IT BACK® rack.  These racks are designed to be reused and/or recycled when they have passed their useful life.

All of these sustainability efforts support Coca-Cola’s new 2020 goal to reduce the carbon of the drink in your hand by 25 percent.  To learn more about Coca-Cola’s sustainability efforts and the new 2020 goals, please visit us here.