Walmart’s second #WinItWednesday contested challenged Twitter users to come up with the most eco-friendly and family-focused tips for springtime energy savings.  After combing through hundreds of entries, the judges chose three submissions as the most creative and inspirational ideas.

@familytopicks – “#WinItWednesday #lessenergy My daughter & I pledged to walk to school rather than drive the 2 miles. #rideabike #walk #gogreen”

@bensweeps – “The kids are tough with the lights! I am phasing in motion sensor light switches to save power #WinItWednesday”

@mynishantha – “Use an egg timer for showers (10 minutes max), and unplug ALL unused appliances to AVOID the “Phantom Load!” #WinitWednesday”

Benjamin Spaulding, aka @bensweeps, was tired of his children leaving the lights on so he decided to take matters into his own hands and upgrade his traditional light switches to motion sensor models. 

Spaulding explains how he came up with the idea, “I work in a LEED Silver certified building and I'm familiar with their use, so when I got a huge Power bill, I told my wife that the cost would even out over a few months and save us money in less than a year. So far I've done the bathrooms and the bedrooms. When I tried it in the main living areas, I found sitting and watching TV, having dinner or homework would be still enough to trigger them, so I went to dimmable CFL and it's a happy medium.”

While Spaulding’s children weren’t keen on the idea at first, he said that they now “enjoy waving their arm to turn on the light for fun!”  This is certainly more energy efficient than leaving a light on in an empty room but once the novelty wears off, the kids will likely abandon the arm waving fun, which will lead to more energy savings for the Spaulding family.

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Photo: derekGavey/Flickr

Dad tells kids, ‘No more light switches’
Benjamin Spaulding’s quest for energy efficiency earned his family a $100 Walmart gift card.