Though this time of year is traditionally one for making New Year’s resolutions to improve ourselves, it’s also a good opportunity to think about our accomplishments over the past year. Last January, we started the Green Room as a way to not only share the progress we’re making in sustainability but also to create a place for our readers to learn more about the latest trends in the space. We’ve worked hard over the past year to write posts that we think you’ll enjoy – ones that bring you a bit of extra knowledge about the environment, as well as tips to help you live more sustainably at work and at home. 

Here are the most popular posts for 2012:            

1) How Walmart saved 1 billion gallons of water in two years

2) A Walmart store reinvented

3) Walmart solar in the news

4) Walmart Rethink

5) A closer look at the Red Bluff turbine

6) Lighting the way with LED

7) A simple way to save electricity

8) Boosting solar power in Buckeye

9) Soaking up the power of rain

10) A cool idea in freezer efficiency

As it turns out, many of our readers are interested in energy efficiency and renewable energy, so we’ll be sure to bring you more energy-related updates next year. We’re glad that The Green Room has been helpful for you, but as we start the second year of the blog, we want to make it even better – and more valuable to our readers.

What would you like to see more of in 2013? Are there topics you think deserve more attention or tools you would find useful? Let us know in the comments section – we’re looking forward to your feedback.

Looking ahead to a new year of sustainable living
Check out some of the most read stories on The Green Room this past year.