Walmart continued its Earth Month celebration by partnering with Disney for the April 17, 2013 #WinItWednesday contest. This week Walmart challenged its Twitter users to come up with the most creative and eco-friendly solutions to the following question, “How do you inspire your kids to conserve the environment?”

Ultimately, three winning ideas were selected from the hundreds of great ideas submitted.

Monica Young, aka @Monnie311, saves both energy and water with her tip – teaching her kids to wait until there is a full load of dishes or laundry before starting any machine.

Young explained to MNN that she didn’t always wait to start a machine, though. “I actually didn't always wait for the full sink before starting dishes because I'm a neat freak and I personally feel better having my kitchen clean and my sink empty when I head to bed or head out for the day. It is a little easier regarding laundry as I have three children so there's ALWAYS laundry to clean, though I often wait for a full load of whites to start a new load. The transition of waiting for a full sink was only a little difficult but more for me because of the visual appeal. I feel like I'm doing my part by recycling weekly and by cutting back on water by simply waiting for full loads. Now it just comes naturally. I am very lucky that my youngest loves to help me with small chores.”

Although this is just a small energy conservation step, Young has noticed a change in her utility bills. In addition to waiting for a full load, she also runs her machines in the evening when energy costs less. Young explained why she is frugal, “I am a single mommy to three, I have to budget and live frugally and I honestly cut and use coupons and cut costs whatever way I can.” Going green is definitely saving Young and her family a little green, money green that is.

Congratulations to the three Walmart #WinItWednesday winners from the April 17, 2013 contest. In addition to a $100 Walmart gift card, each of the three winners will also receive a $100 gift card to The Disney Store.

Mom teaches kids to conserve water, wins Walmart gift card
Monica Young teaches her kids to wait until there is a sink full of dishes before starting the dishwasher.