Given the busy lives we all lead, it’s always great when a shortcut comes along to simplify things. Case in point: the Scan & Go checkout option that Walmart recently expanded to more than 200 stores around the country. First launched earlier this year, the Scan & Go option is within the Walmart app available on iPhone and Android that allows Walmart customers to scan products they want to purchase, “bag” them as they shop throughout the store, and then pay at the self-checkout lane. Also available at select Sam’s Club locations, Scan & Go can also help you budget your shopping trip by keeping a running total of the items in your cart – much like an online shopping site – so there are no surprises when you get to the register.

Shopping with your smart phone? Sounds pretty cool, huh? And the biggest plus is that Walmart is giving you a convenient checkout option, saving you time and money. But for those of us with greener living on our minds, it can also have a payoff for the environment. For one, bring your own recyclable bags. Nothing new there, but now it’s all the easier to bag as you shop without scanning at the register on your way out.

Another great benefit of Scan & Go is that the app generates an electronic receipt that can be emailed to you. Reducing the use of paper receipts is something we’ve been working on in other areas of our business, and it’s something we’ll continue to work on in the future.

All of the changes that we make, including Scan & Go, are with one goal in mind: making the lives of our customers simpler and more sustainable.

Have you tried Scan & Go? Tell us how it went!