Terri Pointon’s creative reuse idea earned her the title of first #WinItWednesday winner.  #WinItWednesday is a monthly Twitter contest designed to showcase how people are leading eco-inspired change in their life.  Sponsored by Walmart, the #WinItWednesday contest awards each of the best three ideas with a $100 Walmart gift card.  

Terri’s reuse idea starts at the local thrift store, where she searches for wool and cashmere sweaters.  After bringing the sweaters home, Terri (@didyouyarnthat) unravels the yarn so that she can make new items.  This isn’t just a great way to reuse second-hand sweaters, it is also a money-saving way to expand her hobby without spending money on expensive new yarn.

When asked how she came up with this idea, Terri explains, “About two years ago I was browsing the web and read a post about unraveling and reusing the yarn from sweaters. Unfortunately, I don't recall what website it was but the idea seemed perfect for me, combining my love of crocheting and knitting with my recent passion for recycling and reusing. Recycling yarn is also a fantastic way for someone on a budget like I am to get their hands on some nice cashmere, silk, wool or even rabbit hair yarn that they would not be able to afford otherwise.”

Since Terri started turning thrift store sweaters into new items, she’s made hats, an afghan, a felted blanket, shirts, bags, totes and a purse.  Her favorite item, though, is the granny square afghan she made out of reclaimed cashmere and wool yarn.

Julie Trani  (@jtcatt) and Kathleen Driscoll (@katonit) submitted the other two winning ideas in the February 2013 #WinItWednesday contest.

@jtcatt - “@WalmartGreen I am giving everyone rosebush cuttings from my garden so they can plant their own #WinItWednesday.”

@katonit – “@WalmartGreen Hubby needed a clock for his man room so for his Valentine’s present I made him one from an old record album #WinItWednesday.”

The next @WalmartGreen #WinItWednesday contest is March 6, 2013.  Entering the contest is easy, simply log on to Twitter and follow @WalmartGreen, look for this month’s sustainability inspired challenge question and Tweet your answer using #WinItWednesday.  

Turning old sweaters into new blankets
#WinItWednesday winner Terri Pointon turns old wool and cashmere sweaters into new items.