Most of us might look at a tree stump in the yard and think of ways to disguise it. But when Jamie Steagall (@jamison311) saw the stump, she started thinking creatively and green.  “The first thing I did was call my husband. He’s the tree guy,” she explained, with a side business of cutting down trees to be used as a fuel source. Jamie was worried about how a big compost pile would look in her yard, but her husband convinced her filling up individual tree stumps would actually look cool.  Her idea was good enough to win September’s #WinItWednesday Twitter contest, created by the folks at @WalmartGreen.

“We have tons of stumps,” Jamie explained. “We started with just the one stump, but are planning to expand to more. We have my mom doing it, too, now, and by the end of the summer, I bet we’ll have our neighbors on board. They are fascinated by it. We’re starting a real trend out here in the country.”

Jamie’s children also love picking out scraps for the garden and are planning to build fairy houses off the compost stumps based on an idea they found on Pinterest. “We’re going to end up having a compost fairy village,” Jamie said.

#WinItWednesday is a monthly Twitter contest sponsored by Walmart that is designed to showcase how people are leading eco-inspired change in their lives. The #WinItWednesday contest awards each of the best three ideas with a $100 Walmart gift card.

The other two winning ideas for the DATE #WinItWednesday contest were fellow creative composters Geet Maha (@GeetMaha) and Melissa Marcum (miscraig11).

Geet Maha (@GeetMaha)

Melissa Marcum (miscraig11)

The next @WalmartGreen #WinItWednesday contest is November 6th. Entering the contest is easy. Simply log on to Twitter and follow @WalmartGreen, look for this month’s sustainability inspired challenge question and Tweet your answer using #WinItWednesday.