Earlier this week, GreenBiz.com posted a list of the most encouraging developments in sustainability for 2012, and Walmart was recognized for strengthening its commitment to a more sustainable global supply chain, an announcement made by President and CEO Mike Duke back in October with The Sustainability Consortium in Beijing. The event marked a milestone for us, as we pledged to deepen our commitment to the Sustainability Index to provide the local research and reporting systems to help build a more sustainable supply chain. The meeting brought together such global leaders as U.S. Ambassador to China, Gary Locke, and Vice Minister of the National Reform and Development Commission, Xie Zhenghua.

Walmart joins a list of sustainability-committed companies, including Disney, which was recognized by GreenBiz for its new paper sourcing and usage policy, and Unilever, which developed an online technical crowdsourcing system designed to grow its business while reducing environmental impact. On the government side, the State of California was cited for adopting clean car standards. Read the full article here.

What do you think was the most encouraging sustainability news of 2012?